Butterfly Project Turns 6 Party: Happy Birthday Butterfly!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. I am not someone who usually hang out with someone out of my circle of friends, just good enough to meet new people in the name of work and networking. But, having an evening with Butterfly Project Community is enough to proof that there is so much more to this whole world than what’s already there to see. Yet, I am happy and grateful enough to that someone that has given me a chance to enjoy my life to the fullest and made me filled with hope and love.

Guest tables' gift from Yves Rocher, Macaron by Madeleine
and Blossom Balloon
Wow, so much for an intro. Now, let’s take the notch down a bit and re-embrace the evening full of wonderful people and memories. As much as an intro, yes, I seldomly went to any event all by myself. And adding another yes to the question, I did step out of my own boundary and took the chance given to prove to myself that I can do it. Crazy enough. I took a wrong route when I already got to Ritz Perdana area, adding 20 minutes to the journey. Nevertheless, when I got to the queue of entrance, it was my first encounter with sweet Lydia.

Taking a peep of the look inside the event space was easy. But to take my eyes away is harder than expected. It was so wonderful and miraculously decorated by The Blossom Balloons and Avant Garde Bloom, together. When I set my foot inside, I really feel like I’m in the garden full of fresh flowers and cute balloons. As mesmerized as I am, everybody seems to be in their own world. Can you imagine a secret selfie garden in a glass room surrounded by buildings and ongoing construction, yet look so alive and real? Well, I don't have to.

Balloons by Blossom Balloons
The party started with a little opening speech from our very own community founder, beloved Mamasan, Tammy Lim. Listening to her really remind me that this community has given me a lot of opportunity to grow up in writing world, for not only I had a chance to extend and widen my niche of blogging, I learnt how to communicate with others too. As we go deeper, she pointed out about the cute small pink box and the bigger one from Yves Rocher. Unbelievably admiring, Yves Rocher is having their 60th birthday this year. Nevertheless, they are known as one of biggest name in organic-based product industry.

Food by Jomparty
What’s the joy of a party without a table full of food? My empty tummy was so happy to see the selection of food made by Jomparty. What’s on the menu? We got pavlova, macaroni with chicken wing, mini burger, brownies and many more. Ehem, and one simple ask, never question just how many I ate that day. All that I can say, I went home with a smile and happy tummy. Oh, a surprise for me to find. My long-awaited item on the ‘wanted-list’ is in the house. I was too excited to find out that we got to grab Tstick tea box to be bring back home. 10 different flavors and can only choose one. I am absolutely confused and in despair. Can I just take it all home and enjoy dipping the tea stick without regret? Well yeah. Just go to Tstickmy Instagram account laaahh.

Making tea as easy as A-B-C with TstickMy
We were entertained by the queen of comedy, Joanne Kam Poh Poh, who was flying over the night from oversea just to be with us. Everybody was laughing so badly as we feel soooo related to the sketch she brought for us. I'm totally enjoying her sketches that I literally laughing my ass of the chair. So sad that I dont get a chance to take a selfie with her. But, if you want to know better about her, just follow her on Instagram: JoanneKamPohPoh.

One with Mamasan, Tammy Lim
Moving forward, we truly celebrate this year birthday party as one. Mamasan and her crews prepared a cupcake for each one of us to blow up as a significant that we have come this far together. Nevertheless, we got to learn how to make a flower crown using fresh flower prepared by Avant Garde Bloom. It has been years since the last time I made a few for a bunch of friends. And one thing for sure, I cant do it anymore. I was terrified with the one that I made, that I basically promised myself that I should never made them anymore. Luckily, Madeleine from Macaron.ByMadeleine made a macaron that is really soothing and obviously tasty. The macaron was so beautiful, I cant bear to eat them. It was all because she hand-painted with macaron with flower by herself. I am truthfully touched.

The party ended at 6PM after the Best-dressed award, which every winner brought home a set of prizes from Yves Rocher, Avant Garde Blooms and Blossom Balloons all together. My sincere wish, the community will stand forever strong and united. And I really hope that I got a chance to join next event, once again. Thanks to my beloved for sponsoring me. Next time, sponsor again, okey?

Prizes for Top 3 Best Dressed of the Day

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