Types of homeowners, that the interior designers have met

Naturally, all homeowners (including Parc Esta’s homeowners) want their home to be the best and want the best for their home but some really throw themselves into the renovation process, others are all too happy leaving all the decision-making to their interior design. There are different type of homeowners that we have previously encountered and we are going to give some helpful advice that will help steer you towards a renovation journey that could possibly be smooth and pleasant for you and your interior design. 

Over-excited homeowner type

The kan cheong spider type of owner who are serious about their interior design but also gets hype up with their premature frenzy of looking for interior design and home inspiration. This kind of frenzy usually takes place the moment their BTO application is successful. 

Here’s our advice: 

Usually it will take up two to four years of waiting for your BTO to be completed, which could take a long time. By then, your lifestyle needs and design preferences may change along the way. On top of that, the designs that you once thought was trendy could be outdated. 

It is better to wait until the application is about a year before you start collecting your keys. Mood board with interior ideas can come after the phase so when the time comes, you can begin to give your interior design ideas of the look that you are going for. According to the feedback, the most suitable time to begin the meeting with the interior designers would be when key collection is more or less six months away, so it is futile to go knocking on their doors early. 

Indecisive homeowner

With a handful of interior styles and ideas to pick from, sometimes, it is a situation where you are spoilt for choice especially when everything looks appealing and functional. 

Our suggestion: 

You could be sway easily from your excitement, take a step back and start sorting out what are your needs and wants in your new home. Focus on your priorities (and your budget). Another way to get back on track is to speak to your interior designer for opinions since they are professionals. 

Passive homeowner

Although it is the interior designer’s job to take care of everything, but they will need some input and inspirations from you to further expand interior designers’ works. 

Our advice: 

Perhaps you trust highly on your interior designer but your interior designer are not Professor X, a mind reader. You will need to help your designer by communicating to them and tell them about your preferences and style. 

If you have ideas pinned on the mood board, share it with your designers that way they can perform better with your guidelines and preferences. At the same time, it is also the opportunity for you to assess their ability to deliver and improve on your ideas. This way you can filter out those giving you a botched job. 

Fussy and petty homeowner

There’s always petty homeowner that goes around the house with their magnifying glasses, finding minor dents or scratches here and there causing their interior designer to constantly sweat for perfection. 

Here’s our suggestion: 

With all the work that is going to the home renovation, we understand that it is almost impossible to avoid few bumps and knocks. Instead of kicking up a big fuss, prepare a big list of changes or rectifications you would like your interior designer to make. This way they can assist you in an organized manner. However, one thing to note is that nothing is perfect, learn to accept it. 

Demanding and disappointed later homeowner

Some homeowners thought that interior designers should be providing mood boards at the first meeting or responding to all queries immediately. One thing for sure is that they are holding them to an extremely high standard or service. However, if the service expectations fall short, they get upset. 

Our advice :

You could temper some of their expectations which will lead to smoother relationship with your interior designer. When the interior designer seems to be unresponsive, they are probably having some discussions with another client or attending the incident site. Understand that they are doing their very best to build up to your expectations and their dedication could serve useful when it comes handling your home renovation.

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