7 must do things at Cameron Highlands

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. It has been more than 2 months since Movement Control Order (MCO) is introduced and we still can't be sure either it will be ended on 9th June as mentioned or continued as there are still positive cases, especially after Conditional MCO is launched on 4th May before. Anyway, despite every possibilities, I want to share with you about a few places or things you must visit and do in Cameron Highland. Let's support our country's economy after MCO ended later by keep traveling inside the country first.

However, no matter how excited you are as you are then allowed to go out, don't forget to keep on following the SOP advised by our very own Ministry of Health: keep the social distancing going, for at least 1 meter or 6 feet between you and others; wear your face mask when you go out and always apply hand sanitizer after every transaction with other people.

As you can see in the video, we have visited a few places and spent quite a time on some activities (especially shopping for tea..) together. Nevertheless, I will also tell you some other activities and places you can go and do whenever you are in Cameron Highlands. Why are these activities are not mentioned in the video? Because, this is not our first time in Cameron Highlands and almost every activities we done here is quite repetitive. So we skipped them. Anyway, here is 7 must do things at Cameron Highlands include:

1) Visit tea plantation.

Without much argument, this is the most compulsory activity to be done in Cameron Highlands. Well, this is also one of the reason why Cameron Highlands is one of the landmarks in Malaysia, besides for their cool environment and strawberries. There are several tea plantations here under a few famous tea brands globally, including BOH Tea and Bharat. Just for additional info, these estates are mostly owned by Boh, as the group was established in 1929 by the colonial owners; followed by Bharat, whose began their full scale plantation somewhere around 1950s. 

2) Pluck fresh strawberries

Never go back without doing this. As I mentioned in the point 1, Cameron Highlands became one of the most visited places in Malaysia for its tea and strawberry.  As for having low temperature at such altitude, strawberries are widely grown here. You can find almost at least one strawberry farm for every 5 kilometres on the way up from Simpang Pulai. Fee for the activity is vary, depends on the farm themselves.

3) Be the bee

Imagine yourself as a bee. Imagine yourself roaming freely and able to smell all type of roses and many other flower in Rose Garden or Lavender Valley. Or, if you are someone who into a less attentive plant, you can try adopt a cactus in Cactus Valley. Yes, there are many other farm you can visit and get advised on specific plant you wish to bring home. Each for an affordable price. 

4) Explore the Mossy Forrest

As a traveler, I have a few hiker friends and this emerald jewel is known famous among them. However, if you are not a hiker and still want to enjoy the beautiful nature, you can go with the tour guide as they have a suitable ride. Fee is somewhere around RM 30 per person and you will be allowed to walk on the boardwalk if the weather is nice. Walk through the forest and this very fantasy-like beau will welcome you as this forest is also the spot of where Puteri Gunung Ledang movie was supposedly filmed. 

5) Get local and shop groceries

Looking for vegetables and fresh fruits? To be honest, everytime I tell people: "I will be going up to Cameron Highlands this weekend.", there will be one specific answer I will receive in common: "Can you buy me some vegetable. I'd love to have carrot or tomatoes or blablabla...". The list goes on. No problem. I'll just have a walk in Tanah Rata Night Market or Kea Farm Market. Your list will easily be checked out. Often, I will be back with more than what I ever needed.

6) Be one with nature at Lata Iskandar

Lata Iskandar Waterfall is a must when you come to Cameron Highlands. Be it when you are on the way to or back from Cameron Highlands, catch a dip in Lata Iskandar and you will for sure be satisfied. Its cold water will refresh your body after the adventurous trip and prepare you for the next journey. 

7) Grab a brunch in the farm

Wait a minute! Your days in Cameron Highlands are not complete without having brunch for at least once in one of the tea plantation there. Try their signature tea and pastry by the valley and enjoy the wind. Always the best moment to be cherished and remembered forever. I always make sure to visit any of these cafe to mend my broken heart and mind (oh my... such a drama queen)

Hopefully this MCO will passed as soon as possible and HOPEFULLY that everyone is still taking precaution measure as a serious priority. WHO somehow has announced that this pandemic is unlikely to resolve as no vaccine is found for it yet. Lets just be careful, be safe and be healthy. Till next time, roger and out.

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