[Haiku] Princesses of Heart

Princesses of Heart

In one’s eyes,
she is the Belle of herself.
Standing upright even when
her voice couldn't be heard.
She insisted that Merida
lived in her mind,
brave and believe in herself.

she ain't no Ariel who helplessly giving in to love.
Neither she is Aurora
who was kissed by A beautiful
love story.
She is just a Cinderella,
who give up love
for the reality that is
painfully heal.

She hopes for a sister she can be with like Anna did.
Yet, she hopes to be alone
as far as Elsa goes.
To dance the faulty life with
the colors of the wind.
To fight her own reflection,
a life The heart desires.

A person with seven mighty flaws,
apple was the poison she wished for.
She’s just a girl who wish she was
a princess of fairytales
that she used to read.
believing in the happy ending.

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